EP. 11 - Care to IMMERSE yourself in SONGWRITING?

In this, our 11th Episode, we'll be giving you some ideas to kick-start your creativity and generate new songs (or at least the "seeds" thereof) more quickly than ever before.

In NOTES AND BOLTS, Steve will be talking all about the so-called "IMMERSION SONGWRITING" technique

Marie will discuss the life and career of CRAIG WISEMAN in her LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE

Steve will have you dancing (or at least standing upright and making stupid-looking arm gestures) in the WHAT THE !@#$%? segment

Marie waxes poetic about the recent classic "Live Like You're Dyin" in UNDER THE MICROSCOPE

Something "comes over" Steve in STEVE'S PHONE

MARIE'S ACADEMIC MOMENT shares valuable in formation on Performing Rights Organizations

We'll peer into the MAILBAG and take a quick peek at the LOCAL SCENE

And we'll finish up by giving a listen to "SHE AIN'T COOL" a submission by listener JASON RUMLEY

This episode may or may not have been recorded under the influence of OLE SMOKEY MOONSHINE (it was!), our new unofficial sponsor