EP. 13 - "Lucky 13" BEST SHOW EVER???

BEST SHOW EVER??? (probably not...)

We have no particular theme this time around, but we DO have a few surprises up our collective sleeves.

In NOTES AND BOLTS: Marie talks about lyrical imagery and how to turn even the most mundane lines into "mental cinema" for your listeners.

Steve shares a (former) guilty pleasure in LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE, discussing the career of BREAD singer/songwriter DAVID GATES.

Marie gets "trucking mad" in WHAT THE !@#$%?


In a CSSP EXCLUSIVE "FIRST", we'll be playing a demo of Marie's song "LIQUOR STORE" as well as Steve's brief (iphone memo) take.

We get knee-deep in "constructive (and not-so constructive) criticism" whilst exploring the MAILBAG

A legendary "Music Row" songwriter hangout get a makeover and Marie is there to give her review for our LOCAL SCENE REPORT

And last (but certainly not least!), our "SUPERFAN" Jimmy Anderson shares his song "HOMETOWN PROUD" with us all.

This episode (having been recorded at Marie's home) once again features the aroma of OLE SMOKEY MOONSHINE... and lots of FLYING INSECTS!