After a brief hiatus (approximately one episode), our beloved co-host MARIE PERRY is back, and ready to rock (sort of).

In NOTES and BOLTS, Steve will be addressing the dreaded affliction known as WRITER'S BLOCK

Marie will discuss the tragic life and fascinating career of Townes Van Zant in her LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE

Steve gets TOO SEXY for this podcast in the WHAT THE !@#$%? segment

Marie takes a close look at the touching "Sissy's Song" in UNDER THE MICROSCOPE

We listen to a "rough" of a great song by listener Dan Sullivan, in our LISTENER SUBMISSION segment

In MARIE'S ACADEMIC MOMENT she makes an in-depth study of the rhyme laden FOR THE SAKE OF THE SONG by Townes Van Zant

And as usual, we'll peer into the MAILBAG and take a quick peek at the LOCAL SCENE

Be sure to be back in 2 weeks when we may well have a SPECIAL NEW SEGMENT for y'all...