It's our MILESTONE 18th EPISODE (which really means very little, but is a great excuse to drink nonetheless!) and we're at your service as always. We're exited to add a NEW SEGMENT (yes, another one), A NEW CONTRIBUTOR, and to bring you (almost) all your favorite segments and features. Why? Because WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Stay tuned as:

Steve busts out his big 10 string (!) and gets moody in NOTES AND BOLTS while discussing chords

Marie takes The LEGENDARY SONGWRITING SALUTE to new heights (in terms of $) and lows (in terms of musical quality) in discussing the career of MAX MARTIN

Steve gets twice BLINDED BY THE LIGHT (not light beer!) in "You THINK You Know" 

Marie hits on both UNDER THE MICROSCOPE and WHAT THE @#$%!? in one fell swoop with The Backstreet Boys

Steve gives a heartfelt "Thank You" to our listeners (and then some) in THE MAILBAG (and NEWS!)

Marie somehow brings Nashville and Norrköping together in her ACADEMIC MOMENT

Our "in the field" musical consultant MUSO MATT (aka Matt Demakos: pronounced "Dih - MOK - Kos") debuts in his NEW SEGMENT!: MATT'S MUSO MOMENT (yeah, we know...)

We have an awesome LISTENER SUBMISSION (entitled "Robots") from Allyse Huey

Marie recommends some cool new attractions in THE NASHVILLE SCENE Report

And mucho beverages de alcoholique are consumed (and it shows... sorry!)

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