EP. 2 - Don't BORE US: get to the CHORUS

In this, our first "real and complete" episode; we have an in-depth discussion of what is generally believed to be the most important part of a great song: THE CHORUS

The topic of "Notes and Bolts" will be all about THE CHORUS; what makes a great one, and how it relates to the song. 

In the "Legendary Songwriter Salute", Marie covers the amazing story of uber-songwriterHARLAN HOWARD. 

In "Steve's Phone" you'll get to hear a 1 minute demo of his song-in-progress, "TOO SMART TO COUNT TO 10." 

Marie examines the classic song "SHE CALLED ME BABY" in "Under the Microscope." 

Steve gives a scathing review of Justin Bieber's "BABY" in the "What the #$&%!" segment. 

"Marie's Academic Moment" shares great advice and an inspirational story from a pro songwriter. 

Your comments and questions will be addressed in the "CSSP MAILBAG". 

Marie will share some great information in the "Local Scene Report". 

And as always, lots of fun and frivolity from your hosts! 

Inspiration. Education. Entertainment. 


Spread the word - we're out to be the NUMBER ONE songwriting podcast around!