Can you believe we've reached EPISODE 20? Wild. Crazy. In fact, that pretty much sums up most of this episode. Within, you'll hear:

Marie discusses a few "fool-proof" tests you can perform to determine if your song is "ready" (and any good!) in NOTES AND BOLTS

Steve tells a few tales about "The Storyteller" Tom T. Hall in the LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE

Marie makes us all rethink the validity of "TGIF" in the WHAT THE @#$%&! segment

Steve combines the UNDER THE MICROSCOPE and You THINK You Know segments to explain why we just "...can't live if living is WITHOUT YOU"

Muso Matt gives us the skinny on the "Truck Drivers' Gear Change"

Steve and Marie "PRETEND" to know hip hop music in the LISTENER SUBMISSION SEGMENT (featuring X-PHAZE)

Plus all the usual mail, news, happenings, banter and...

Marie reciting Hemingway??? You'll just have to listen!


Steve Rempis

Marie Perry

Art For Artists Mental Health Activism-Texas

CSSP "Snailmail" address (for 100MB ZIP discs or ?): PO BOX 727 Gallatin, TN 37066

Another hard evenings work...