"Hey Randy, what number is this take?"

"Hey Randy, what number is this take?"

It took two tries to get this interview done, but it was well worth the effort.

This is our exclusive interview with about-to-explode pro Nashville songwriter RANDY FINCHUM. Randy has had numerous cuts with various Nashville (and abroad) artists, and even came a hare's-breath from penning the theme to the 2012 Summer Olympics!

We're especially fortunate to get this interview now, since the "BIG CUT" for Randy appears to be looming just around the corner... after which he may well be too big to talk to the likes of us! But seriously, as well as being a gifted writer and performer; Randy is just one heck of a great guy (so says I, and pretty much everybody who's ever had the pleasure of meeting or working with him).

So pour yourself a tall glass of your preferred libation, put your feet up, and enjoy the interview!!!