EP. 23 - TRAVIS BOWLIN Interview and LIVE MUSIC!!!

  Photo by Mishelle Bergeron

Photo by Mishelle Bergeron

Travis Bowlin is an up-and-coming songwriter-performer with a very bright future ahead of him (which explains the shades in the photo)! His gritty and soulful vocal stylings and refreshingly "non-Nashville-sounding" songs set him apart from hordes of other would-be next-big-thing types. 

This is our first ON LOCATION LIVE MUSIC episode, recorded at Dan McGuinness' Irish Pub (home of "The only open mic that matters") just off MUSIC ROW in Nashville (Why yes, we would appreciate your sponsorship, thanks for asking!).

As an added bonus, our own MARIE PERRY goes "on assignment in the field" in an attempt to get an interview out of country music superstar KENNY ROGERS!!! ...with varied results.

We cordially invite you to enjoy the interview, and enjoy the music!