Can you believe that the CSSP has been doing what we do for a whole year already? 'Tis true!

To celebrate this monumental event, we've put together a really special show for y'all. So be listening for several of your favorite segments, a special guest or two, and the bittersweet announcement that our much beloved co-host Marie Perry is moving on to 'greener pastures"... so let's all wish her the best in her future endeavors!

Meanwhile, I'm thrilled to announce that my new co-host will be none other than pro-songwriter (and subject of EP 21) RANDY FINCHUM (!) who's also our in-studio guest on this episode!

Listen as:

We get the party started with some NEWS & SHTUFF

In a special installment of NOTES & BOLTS, I'll be discussing SURPRISE ENDINGS in songs

Marie gives us a crash course on real-world publishing deals in her final ACADEMIC MOMENT segment

"Godfather" of the show, JASON PYLES will be joining us via Skype to congratulate us on our first year, and to discuss what he's doing these days

I'll wax poetic in a rare public tribute to YOU, our faithful listeners and dear community members

Marie will lead Randy and I down "memory lane" with a recap of the CSSP's first year

"Muso Matt" will discuss the historic 50th Anniversary (sensing a sub-theme?) of the release of The Beatles' WITH THE BEATLES album in the final installment of MATT'S MUSO MOMENT

I'll discuss the career and recent escapades of Miley Cyrus in the WT!@#$%? segment

Marie will make her "official" statement of intent and explanation for her adoring public

And we'll close up shop with a brief discussion about some future plans for the show (onward and upwards!)

Don't forget that we're still accepting submissions for the DESIGN US A NEW DAMN LOGO and ADD A SOLO TO THE PODCAST THEME contests!!!

Steve Rempis

Marie Perry

Randy Finchum

CSSP "Snailmail" address: PO BOX 727 Gallatin, TN 37066

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