Here's our holiday gift to you, our dear listeners! An exclusive interview with Nashville songwriting great LORNA FLOWERS. 

Lorna moved to Nashville in 2004 after years of commuting from England (!), and has become one of the most respected and well-known writers (as well as producer and educator) in the community. She's had 70+ cuts worldwide, including four #1 songs, several “Best Song” and “Best Single” nominations in the UK Country Radio Awards between 1998 and 2002 and won the ‘Listeners’ Choice’ award in 2004 and Song of the Year in 2008. She's written with artists as diverse as: Roger Cook, Bob Welch, John Peppard, Bridgette Tatum, Kirsti Manna, Keith Burns, Bernie Nelson, Arlos Smith, Joie Scott, Karen Staley, Jon Robbin, Brian White, Benita Hill, Steve Dean, Jim Femino, Dwight Liles, Kathy Chiavola, Daisy Dern and 80's pop-star-turned-country artist TIFFANY!

Randy and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Lorna in her Nashville home to discuss topics like: 

What to expect when you visit (or relocate to) Nashville
The common traits of successful Nashville writers
The common mistakes new writers make
Open-mic etiquette
Choosing a P.R.O. (and when to)

And MUCH more...