EP. 29 - Welcome 2014: It's ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

ALL ABOUT YOU is the theme of this episode, and it makes sense: why we do this, why we work hard to give you great content show after show, and why we KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON with this podcast... it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

MARVEL as Randy tells the tale of "Cowboy" Jack Clement in the LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE

THRILL as Steve goes UNDER THE MICROSCOPE with the Kris Kristofferson/ Ray Price classic "For The Good Times"

BATTLE NAUSEA as Randy features the Vanilla Ice trainwreck, "Ice Ice Baby" in the WHAT THE !@#$%? segment

WONDER at the differences (and similarities) in the versions of "I Will Always Love You" in YOU THINK YOU KNOW

Look forward to the future as Randy (and Steve) discuss goal-setting in RANDY'S READIN' WRITIN' and 'RITHMATIC segment

LISTEN to a very special LISTENER SUBMISSION by Kenny Lewis (bass player for Brad Paisley!) 

Plus all the usual NEWS and NASHVILLE SCENE stuff