This episode will be AWESOME... or AWFUL; as we will be discussing the POWER OF OPPOSITES!

The topic of "Notes and Bolts" will indeed be all about the POWER OF OPPOSITES; and how they relate to a great song.

In the "Legendary Songwriter Salute", Steve will be looking back on the amzing career of William "SMOKEY" ROBINSON (we're sure you'll "Second That Emotion")!

As always, "Marie's Academic Moment" shares great advice from a veteran industry pro.

Steve puts Lady Antebellum's smash hit "NEED YOU NOW" squarely "Under the Microscope."

In the "What the #$&%!" segment, Marie brings the party to a crashing halt as she send's Toby Keith's "RED SOLO CUP" straight to the depths of hell where it deserves to be! As an added bonus, we'll be reducing the voulume of the dreadedAIR HORN!

In "Steve's Phone" you'll hear one of his classic "orphan choruses" tentatively entitled "Long Before Us."

Your comments, questions, and a few surprises will be addressed in the "CSSP MAILBAG".

Steve will share BEST OF (per Nashville Scene Magazine) information for songwriters in the "Local Scene Report".

And as always, you can expect a bit of spirited and unapologetically opinionated banter from your hosts!



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