Yep, after a comedy of errors concerning the production of the April 1st show; the CSSP is back (as promised). For the first time, co-host extraordinaire Randy Finchum will be "flying solo" as he interviews Nashville transplant singer-songwriter ADAM JAMES; who will also be playing a song or two LIVE as well as including an exclusive preview of his new single "MISS AMERICA" (co-written by Randy Finchum himself) from his just-released EP of the same name.

Adam is a uniquely talented singer and songwriter; even in a town known for the high-level of skill and musicianship that Nashville has a (much deserved) reputation for. He's also a real character and a joy to be around and work with, which should be obvious from the first few minutes of this interview.

As an added bonus, we'll be closing the show with a recording of Adam's song "FIRECRACKERS" from the 2009 album by the same name.

Be listening in two weeks when Steve and Randy will both be onboard once again, and (among other things) satisfying many listeners' requests that we dissect a song that we co-wrote together to illustrate the process for you. And there will (of course) be much more as well!