EP. 38 - Scattered, Smothered, Covered and More

Welcome friends and fans! Randy and Steve are (finally) back together and "in the flesh" for this long-awaited episode. Among the fun and frivolity you've come to love and expect; you'll also hear:

Steve covering two months worth of emails, phone calls and personal inquiries in the NEWS and SUCH

Randy going UNDER THE MICROSCOPE to examine the smash hit "I HOPE YOU DANCE"

Steve giving a LEGENDARY SONGWRITER SALUTE to JJ (sometimes J.J.) CALE

Randy giving the YOU THINK YOU KNOW treatment to a JIM CROCE favorite

Steve Taking BOBBY GOLDSBORO to task for HONEY in the WHAT THE !@#$%? segment, and marking the CSSP debut of DICK LIPSCHITZ and the FOUR-POUND BOLOGNA BAG to help illustrate

Randy sharing some of his DEEP THOUGHTS in RANDY'S READIN' WRITIN' and 'RITHMATIC segment

Brandon Smoother taking his second shot at podcast glory in his VIEW FROM DOWNUNDER

Dan Sullivan tells us about Frankie Ballard in his first-ever installment of COMMERCIAL SUICIDE SONGWRITING WATCH

A BONUS INTERVIEW SPECIAL FEATURE as Steve interviews up-and-coming future pop star, Belmont student and YouTube sensation NATHAN DILLER