Welcome back, folks; it's been awhile. Hopefully this episode will have been well worth the wait!

Steve discusses the very "bread and butter" of all forms of popular music, "THE HOOK" in NOTES & BOLTS

Randy details the life and career of MEL TILLIS in the LEGENDARY SONGWRITER Segment

Steve takes a close look at the song that first introduced the legendary HANK WILLIAMS to the American public: HOMESICK BLUES in UNDER THE MICROSCOPE

Randy gets his "HUMP" on in the WHAT THE !@#$%? Segment

Steve marches to the beat of a DIFFERENT DRUM in YOU THINK YOU KNOW

Randy shares his own unique brand of inspiration in RANDY'S READIN' WRITIN' AND 'RITHMATIC

Our "Aussie" corespondent BRENDAN SMOOTHER also shares HIS own bit of inspiration in his A VIEW FROM DOWNUNDER Segment, followed by an airing of his debut single, "INSPIRATION"

And of course, all the usual news and nods that you'd expect from your favorite podcast hosts