Photo by Thom Bresh

Photo by Thom Bresh

Were y'all starting to think we were dead and gone? Us too (No, not really). Yes, yet another inexcusably long delay in getting this episode out. Life happens, donchaknow? I'd like to make a grand pronouncement about more prompt and regular postings in the future... but I'd hate to paint myself a liar.

So how's the new site looking? Pretty slick, eh? And how's about our new "official" correspondents? Yeah, you haven't had a chance to hear from them in their new "official" capacities yet; but rest assured you will soon.

Onward to EP 46...This time around we're offering up a real treat and a truly inspirational one at that. We interviewed Nashville favorite ROBERT K WOLF; a veritable "songwriter's songwriter" universally known and respected amongst those "in the know" here in MUSIC CITY USA. His is one heck of a tale; a story of a "classically trained" musician-turned-songwriter(!) and spanning two coasts! I'd delve into further detail here... but wouldn't you rather hear the story directly from the man himself?

As well as being a brilliant musician and songwriter, Robert is also an amazingly positive and upbeat individual; exactly the kind of interviewee we need to hear from in these trying and often frustrating days. I'm proud to call him my friend and to have written with him (and will no doubt do again in the near future). But enough of me yakking... on with THE SHOW!

  The future home of the CSSP STUDIO...   IF   we can get sufficient support from our public (details to follow soon)...

The future home of the CSSP STUDIO... IF we can get sufficient support from our public (details to follow soon)...