EP. 47 - CSSP REBORN on our 3rd Anniversary!!!


THEY thought they could keep us down, hold us back. snuff us out... but NO! The minions of darkness didn't prevail as we are BACK with a vengeance!!!

So just WHERE have we been? Funny you should ask. We were RIGHT HERE ALL ALONG. although you (our loyal and adoring public) couldn't tell. Long story short (TOO LATE)? Technical issues (GREMLINS, say I) were preventing new episodes from showing up on the iTunes feed whilst showing a mere 10 previous episodes as being available for listening and/or downloading.

What REALLY matters is that WE ARE BACK and here to stay (albeit after a considerable financial investment as was necessary to get everything fixed) just in time to celebrate our 3rRD ANNIVERSARY! That's right, folks: THE COMMERCIAL SUICIDE SONGWRITING PODCAST first posted on October 31st 2012. How appropriate...

Less a "true" episode and more of an explanation/ rap session between me, Randy and YOU; this will stand as EPISODE 47. There are, naturally a few "goodies" thrown in for your enjoyment (this being Halloween and all) such as an amazing opening sequence as provided by our CANADA, EH? Correspondent, WALTER SCATTOLON  and an airing of the first REMPIS-FINCHUM original song, "TRAIN" to close things out. Solid!

Lastly, I just want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every listener out there who has stood by us through all of our trials and tribulations over the past 3 years. This show is for and all about YOU and your journey as a songwriter... and we couldn't have come as far as we have in OUR similar journey without your support.