Well folks, you're in for a real treat this time. 

We've interviewed some truly great songwriters, but never one that even other top-level writers look to in awe. That is, until now. We're thrilled and honored to bring you an interview with a genuine "living legend" JIMBEAU HINSON!

Jimbeau's credits include writing:

(I'm Settin') Fancy Free (#1 hit for The Oak Ridge Boys) 
Party Crowd (#2 hit for David Lee Murphy) 
Train of Memories (#3 hit for Kathy Mattea) 
Don't Give Candy to a Stranger (#4 hit for Larry Boone) 
Harmony (#5 hit for John Conlee) 
Hillbilly Highway with Steve Earle (off Earle's breakthrough album "Guitar Town") 

...but this list only scratches the surface of an incredible career that spans 5 decades. 

We (Steve and Marie) were actually invited into Jimbeau's ranch outside Nashville to conduct this interview with he and his wife Brenda... and even got a tour of the house. You can be sure that this experience was a "high-water" mark for THE COMMERCIAL SUICIDE SONGWRITING PODCAST, and we're excited to be sharing it with you. 

Now how are we ever going to top THIS??? 

Important JIMBEAU links: 

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