EP. 48 - The Long-Lost TOMMY TURNER Interview!!!

Well we're mighty glad to announce that the interview we did with Nashville living legend, TOMMY TURNER way back in June is finally seeing the light of day!

For those not "in the know" as such; Tommy is an amazingly gifted songwriter with an incredibly inspirational story to tell. We'd go into more detail here but better you get the dirt from the man himself...

We also have to mention that Tommy is one of the finest, kindest and most honest human beings you'd ever care to meet; we're both humbled and proud to call him FRIEND!

So kick back, relax and prepare to be inspired. Be sure to listen through to the end, where we'll feature several of Tommy's works including:

  • IT AIN'T OVER YET (written by Tommy Turner and Vanessa Hill, performed by Vanessa)
  • DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH (DEMO written by Tommy Turner and Jan Buckingham)
  • MISERY LOVES COUNTRY (DEMO written by Tommy Turner and Jan Buckingham)
  • THE HOLE (written and performed LIVE by Tommy Turner)